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Whether you require a kitchenshowerbathroom or outdoor entertaining area feature wall, you will need to decide on the panel pattern that suits your decor or style.


The product has long been referred to as either pressed metal or pressed tin, this is due to its “tin” colour look and the international product category reference of pressed tin ceiling tiles or panels.

In Australia, the panels are largely pressed into aluminium sheet. There are various grades of aluminium available on the market starting from a mill grade and going up to a premium blended grade that is less porous than mill grade aluminium. Brisbane Pressed Metal aluminium panels are a premium blended grade panel (not mill grade).

Aluminum offers superior strength and durability compared to tin but is usually more expensive; meanwhile, tin is cheaper and less durable than aluminum.

Our designs can also be pressed into copper, brass, perforated steel and galvanised steel.


Panels are manufactured to original imperial measurements, feet and inches, 2ft x 6ft or approx. 600mm x 1800mm. Selected designs are also available in 3ft x 6ft or approx 900mm x 1800mm

St Catherine, St Patrick and St Dennis are only available 600mm x 600mm in aluminium or zincalume, POA.


Yes, although raw copper or raw brass will discolour if not treated with a protective clear coat.

Our pressed metal is manufactured from quality aluminium.

Pressed metal is heat resistant and therefore suitable for use behind stove tops and combustion heaters and BBQ’s.


What type of finish do you need?

Both powder coating and spray painting can produce a range of finishes. However, there are more finishes available when spray painting an object. While powder coating has a reputation for being extremely durable, it’s important to note that spray paint can also achieve a thick, hardy finish. It may just take a few more coats or 2 pack paint. Powder coating, however, is not ideal for jobs that require an ultra-fine finish. When the polymer is thinned, it becomes lumpy and unsightly. If you need a sheer finish, spray painting is the best application. When spray painting an object, single pack, 2 pack and water-based paints can be used to achieve gloss, matte, satin, special effects, metallic, anti-graffiti or ceramic high-temp finishes, to name a few.

How complex are the colours you need?

When coating an object with wet paint, you can choose from a vast variety of custom colours. Powder coating, on the other hand, has a limited colour range which can make finding a specific shade from your logo or company branding difficult.

Powder coating has its merits, but its limitations make it unsuitable for a large majority of materials. Spray painting is a much more versatile finishing technique for a range of objects.


Pressed metal is easily cleaned. When installed raw, wipe over with Mr Sheen or similar SILICON FREE polish with a soft cloth or Enjo style cloth. After cooking wipe clean with a damp cloth or warm soapy water. For a painted finish wipe over with a soft damp cloth or warm soapy water, do not use scourers or harsh chemicals.


We offer a full installation service for a professional finish and are happy to provide a free measure and quote. Email details to info info@brisbanepressedmetal.com.au

Pressed metal is suitable for internal and external use. It is easy to install for a confident DIY. We recommend using stud adhesive or liquid nails when applying direct to existing plasterboard walls and ceilings. Soft sheet nails or pop rivets can also be used when fixing to timber or steel batons. Waterproof silicone is used to seal the edges for splash backs and the pressed metal can be installed over existing tiles as long as the surface is even and in good repair and free of grease and oils.

Cut the panels using a tin snip (Nibbler type) or angle grinder with a 1mm cutting blade. Install the panels with the overlap facing away from the main line of sight. Pre fit the panels before applying adhesive. When cutting penetrations (eg. Downlights, air conditioning vents) hole saws and grinders with a 1mm blade may be used.

We do not recommend using in shower alcoves but it is suitable for bathroom and toilet walls as long as the correct systems are followed.

Pressed metal is extremely versatile. It has great durability and if cared for properly will last for many years, ceilings in particular will last over 100 years. It can be used for a variety of features eg. Kitchen and bathroom splash backs, ceilings, feature walls, door inserts, bathroom wall paneling, bed heads, paneling rooms and hallway wall paneling, gables, outdoor BBQ areas and features or just about anything you can think of, inside or outside.

We can organise delivery Australia wide and internationally.

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