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About Brisbane Pressed Metal

Brisbane Pressed Metal is one member of Australian Pressed Metal offering over 60 years of experience in the walls and ceilings industry and construction industry. We offer a range of over 150 patterns- all original imperial measurements – of wall and ceiling panels, dado panels, cornices, mitres and cover strips.  Our products are perfect for heritage restoration or for repairing damaged panels in period homes.

Pressed Metal or Pressed Tin as it was commonly known in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s are decorative metal panels traditionally used for ceilings, walls and outside cladding of houses, gables and awnings. It is now mostly manufactured in aluminium but available in special orders of galvanised steel, copper and brass from Australian Pressed Metal. With the metal panels now pressed in aluminum they are more versatile and their use is more varied. Whether you are renovating, restoring or building a new home, pressed metal is the perfect product to create a unique impression.

Traditional and Contemporary designs are popular for:

  • splashbacks in kitchens
  • splashbacks on outdoor BBQ’s
  • splashbacks in laundries
  • feature walls
  • doors
  • gates
  • inserts and much more…

If you cannot find your design on our website, please contact us as we constantly have new designs available and can offer informed advise for alternative solutions based on extensive experience in the ceiling industry.

With a total understanding for the needs of our customers, Brisbane Pressed Metal offers a full installation service or advice for DIY. Our experience and support is available to all of our customers.

We also own Graphic Glass Services which is dedicated to service & quality and has been building a reputation for reliable service in supplying quality glass products since 1993. Graphic Glass Services continues to develop, research, techniques and is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of decorative glass to architects, builders, interior designers, construction companies and a wide variety of retailers.

Features of colour glass splashbacks include:

  • hygienic and easy to clean and no grout
  • the reflective surface can lighten areas, making them look more spacious
  • the glass can be coated in any colour of your choice
  • metallic & pearl colours also available
  • they are stylish and modern
  • Australian Made glass

You can add a digital printed image on your glass splashback or wall paneling, partition to add a feeling of space or a particular decor design, please visit our website for examples – https://graphicglassservices.com.au/

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